World Kindness Day

Our second activity for the Peace IV Project is World Kindness Day.

St Brigid’s children love being kind to themselves and others. Here are some of the great work they did this week. They would like to share their acts of kindness with the students in St. Oliver’s National School and look forward to seeing what they’ve been up to

Class Red

Class Red have been helping to clean up after break and lunch. They are also kind to their friends, helping each other get ready to go out to play.

Class Yellow

Class yellow enjoyed carrying out random acts of kindness this week. We listened to the story of Rainbow Fish and discussed how he was a much happier fish when he shared his shiny jewels with other fish. We created some rainbow fish of our own!

We talked about all the different ways we can show kindness and decorated some pictures showing these ways.

Finally, we played a game of charades where we had had to act out a random act of kindness and our friends had to guess what we were doing. Some of these included:

  • Holding the door open for others
  • Waving to a friend
  • Cleaning up after others
  • Cleaning up after ourselves
  • Pushing someone‚Äôs chair in for them
  • Looking after someone who is hurt
  • Helping others tidy away their belongings

Everyone in class yellow is very kind ????

Class Green

Class Green show acts of kindness everyday. Here is a video of all the things they do. They also made thank you cards for their parents/carers to say thank you for everything they do. They hope that all the student’s in St. Oliver’s National School are doing great!


The students in Sherkin made a picture for all their friends in the school. They were practising symmetry and used paint to make lovely designs. They then stuck them on the classroom doors, making sure to keep their distance. They brightened up everybody’s day!


We were missing our class mate  Aaron who  is studying at home.  We painted an apple for everyone in the class and hung them on the friendship tree.  Each time we look at the tree it reminds us of absent friends and a time when we were all together.


We thought about all the ways we can be kind, especially in these more difficult times. We then made posters.


We discussed how we can be nice to others and ourselves. Some of our answers are in the videos below. We also wrote our ideas down.


The students in Inisturk made a lovely poster for World Kindness Day.

Happy World Kindness Day from all at St. Brigid’s School!