Woodwork / Skills activities

Good morning all. I am glad to be able to contact you through this school website and hope you are all keeping well and safe during these extreme times.

Gola & Inisturk have hard copies of work that can also be revisited.

Some practical activities to do at home that you will be able to attempt on your own or with a little help.

Remember the skills we have been using while in class.

The overall plan is to make a 10 cm = 100 mm cube out of card. This will be made into a dice for a fun activities game that we are about to invent!

Tools and materials :-

Pencil, with good sharp point.

300 mm ruler


Old cereal box or card that is ready to be recycled

Masking tape ( NOT sellotape because it does not turn into compost – biodegradable )

Paper glue.

Compass, remember for drawing circles or maybe use a coin .

With these things organized you are ready to start!

These are the materials you will need for woodwork skills activities