Who else was very hot today?

drinking water

Well what better way to cool yourself down than a nice ice-lolly. You don’t even need to go to the shops for one. You can make one at home.

sad solo popsicle

Here is how to make your own ice-lolly… it’s very simple.

1st way:

Mix up diluted juice to your taste.

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Pour the mixture into yogurt pots.

Add the lollypop stick.

Statesman Under Counter Freezer U355W 70W 86L White
Place in the freezer until frozen.

2nd way: pour the smoothie recipe from the previous post into yogurt pots just like above

3rd way: Frozen yogurt- simply pierce the lid of the yogurt with a lollypop sick like in the following picture and place in the freezer.

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4th way: using yogurt and real fruit. Freeze then lift out and enjoy.

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