Welcome to the Summer term for Sherkin class

Suggested activities for the week ahead – April 20th 2020

Good morning Sherkin students and parents, I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break.

Can I remind you of my school e-mail address – please feel free to contact me / forward photos of students completing activities.


I have plenty of material heading your way today but just for now can I remind parents how important it is to establish a good solid daily routine.

Every day in Sherkin we start with a very solid routine in the morning – we find this really helps to ground the students.

Then as the day goes on we can introduce a more flexible routine with new activities.

4 out of 5 mornings we all sit together for breakfast, this activity is less about the breakfast and more about communication. I ask each student what they’d like for breakfast (limited choice) we use the interactive ‘Go Talk Now’ app on the class ipad – which I know you don’t have but here is a screen shot of the page we use.

  • The key element of this activity is that we don’t just give the student’s breakfast they must request all items.

We are working hard on sequence of requesting – so if student requests cornflakes first then that’s what we give them – the whole box of cornflakes !!!!!

Then we wait (possibly prompt) for student to request a bowl then milk then spoon.

The most important thing is that we only respond to what the student has requested.

We also use the Lamh signs for ‘milk, more, water, orange / apple juice, knife, spoon, bowl and cup’ please link with the wonderful Lamh website for a reminder of how to do the signs. www.Lamh.org

I know this photo isn’t interactive but students will recognise it and can still tap on the image – You should then verbalise their request ‘do you want a bowl?’ then wait for a yes / no response either verbally or Lamh sign.

Parents will be delighted to hear that students then wash up after themselves. I know most of us have dish washers but this activity is really great for the development of student’s independent living skills plus a great sensory reward for students.

Just in case parents have forgotten how to wash dishes by hand !!!  here is a little demo

Students are well practiced at this activity and take great pride in completing by them selves with just a little support and prompts when needed.