Welcome back Sherkin class

Sherkin 2020

Welcome back everyone for another year in Sherkin class.

Something’s will be and look a little different this year due to the Covid 19 virus.

I will be your teacher again Mrs Harris.

I look like this.

Our SNA’s are

Eileen                                               and Sinead

We will be wearing masks and visors in class and we will encourage you to do the same. We have a visor and mask for each of you here in class.

In the morning your bus escort or parent will wait with you at the front gate.

Eileen or Sinead will meet you and escort you across the junior yard,

You will walk trough the junior hall and down the long corridor to our classroom.

You will notice yellow and black footprints to remind us to walk on the left side of the hall.

You will notice lots of yellow Covid signs to remind us all to keep our distance and sanitize our hands.

You will sanitize your hands here.

You will have your temperature checked several times during the day.

You will hang your coat on the back of your chair.

You will use the toilets outside the classroom.

In class the desks are all 1 meter apart.

My desk looks like this.

You will each have a green storage box to keep all your equipment and books in.

You will also have a smaller box for your own set of numicon.

You will be offered fruit and a yoghurt drink for breakfast and at break time.

You will eat your lunch in the classroom at your desk.

We will do lots of familiar activities.

We will be using outside a lot this year so please remember to always take a warm coat with you each day.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs. Harris, Eileen and Sinead.