Welcome Back Rathlin

Ms Heneghan and myself are having a great chat here about you wonderful students. We both hope you had a great Easter, kicked back, relaxed and ate lots of Easter eggs.

Now we’re back to business and we Hope that you all can complete some/most of the activities we set for you.

Gentle reminder for both Parents and Students. The e-mail address we would like you/your child to send completed work to is rathlin@stbrigids.net

We’ve put you into 2 main groups. Please complete work from the group you are assigned to.

Group1 – Molly, Emma, Tom, Jake

Group2 – Hannah, Hannah, Joe, Abbie, Ryan

EnglishGroup1 – Reading and Comprehension

Please read the following story. Answer the questions. You can either practise your typing and type the question and answer or use a copy and write your answers. Either way I’d love if you could practise e-mailing your work to me

English – Group 1 – Please complete numbers 1-10

English – Group 2 – Please write out 1-5

Maths – Group 1 and Group 2

Okay everyone this week were continuing to work on ‘Developing Spatial Awareness’. I hope you all drew a great map of your home before Easter. This week, If like you to draw a map of your bedroom. Include the following please: window, door, bed, locker, wardrobe, tv? anything else. Use lots of colour and dont forget to label everything. Below is an image you can use as inspiration 🙂

Personal Care – Group 1 and 2

Please write or draw 5 ways that you relax at home during this Covid 19 Lockdown.

Religion – Group 1 and 2

This is a lovely prayer that I thought you might like to read over with your family everyday

L O C K D O W N is a time to

Listen to Gods voice

Obey His word and His teachings

Call on Jesus name and be calmed

Know what is the purpose of all this

Dwell in His presence. Do not panic

Offer a prayer for everyones safety

Wait and be patient. This too shall Passover

Nurture our personal relationship with Him