Welcome back class yellow.

Good morning class yellow. I hope everyone had a lovely relaxing and safe Easter. I really hope you got outdoors to enjoy that beautiful weather. speaking of outdoors, seeing as a local walk is about as much as we are allowed to fit in these days, your next activity is a sensory walk outdoors.

Can anyone remember our 5 senses??? Here’s a little reminder.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvBXWMvOGOk

  • eyes- sight
  • ears-hear
  • skin- touch
  • tongue-taste
  • nose-smell
Happy Learners THE FIVE SENSES A4 Poster Sign Educational Nursery ...

on your walk you will record all the things you see, smell, touch, hear and maybe taste. if you like you can take pictures and send them to my email address. smckenna@stbrigids.net

5 senses Art

In art you can look through lidl/ aldi/ supervalu magazines and cut the pictures out and categorise them into the correct sense. some items will fit into many of the senses but try to choose the most suitable.

pinterest preschool crafts five senses | Joe created a 5 senses ...

5 senses Maths

On this worksheet you will record how many of each sense you come across. for example if you find 3 things you can hear colour in 3 boxes. if you find 1 thing you can taste, colour in 1 box and so on.

Have fun class yellow!!!

Here are some pictures of class yellow making use of their senses….

Very impressed with class yellow and all the sensory activities going on. Keep up the great work. I’M very proud of you. I love to see your happy, smiling faces coming in.