Welcome back class yellow. June 2nd


It’s really starting to feel like Summer.

So challenge number 1. I would like you to close your eyes and think of all the words that spring to mind when you hear the word Summer… You can create a wordcloud on the following link https://www.abcya.com/games/word_clouds

Here is the wordcloud I created with all the words I thought of. you can change the colours and the layout and the font. you could also practice writing your words.

Challenge number 2: Make a Summer smoothie

You can change the ingredients to suit your own taste.I love pineapple in mine!

Challenge 3: Draw a hopscotch on the pavement using chalk. I used to love this game when I was younger.

The link below the picture will bring you to the rules on how to play a game of hopscotch, however I’m pretty sure your parents/guardians will know how!

Adding Doubles (With images) | Hopscotch, Childhood memories, Memories

Challenge 4: Make a wind chime

I have many fun hidden gems hiding in my garden. For example I have a wind chime. I’m wondering would you be able to create your own wind chime. I’m going to post some examples. I also wonder would you be able to make a little video telling me all about your wind chime.

Make wind chimes from sticks - Mud & Bloom
How to Make Your Own Wind Chimes - 15 Amazing Ideas
EASY Kids Craft- DIY Beaded Wind Chime- Dollar Store DIY

Challenge 5: Keeping Safe

Challenge 6 Reading

The following is a link to a lovely reading site that logs the book you read. I have included in the link the book I would like you to read. If you like you can choose to read some more. When you have finished you could do some butterfly symmetry art. Post a picture of the finished piece. https://loving2read.com/preschool/science/over-in-the-garden/

  1. get a sheet of paper and fold it in half.
  2. open it an squirt a small bit of paint on one half of the page
  3. fold the page again spreading the paint across the page.
  4. open it again- now you have a butterfly.
  5. when it dries you can colour on the antenna.
Heart Symmetry Painting | Art activities for kids, Kids art class ...

Can you think of other things that can be split in half. Make a list of 5 things. Hmmm my 5 things would be …

1. Pizza

15-Minute Pizza Dough Recipe (No Yeast) | Bigger Bolder Baking

2. Bread

Consider cheap white bread | Life and style | The Guardian

3. an orange

Orange (fruit) - Wikipedia


The health benefits of watermelon | BBC Good Food

5. cake

Mini SCD Pumpkin Cheesecakes With Coconut Flour Crust - Comfy Tummy

Religion: Grace Before Meals & Grace After Meals