Welcome back class yellow.

Your 1st activity is a feely box… you will see an image of it below.

When we touch things they can feel different, they can feel…


Soft Pillow Clipart


Brick Clipart Hard Object - Transparent Brick Clipart ...


Fluffy Yellow Poodle Clip Art at Clker.com - vector clip art ...


Rough Objects Clipart Black And White

Can you think of 5 other words to describe how things feel?

Your next activity is a guessing game. It’s called the feely box.

Touchy feely boxes for year one children focusing on the 5 senses ...

If you don’t have a box you can use a bag. But make sure there is no peeking.

Maybe you could hide things in it yourself and get your family to guess what you have put inside. Ask them to describe how the things feel. Have fun.

Oh I see lots of different textures there. let me guess… was the sock soft and fluffy? was the pinecone rough and prickly? was the apple smooth and moist? looks like you have been busy and had a lot of fun!

Activity 2: Ordinal numbers

Using your toys line them up in a straight line. if you don’t have enough toys you could use some thing else from around the house or stones from the garden. write the ordinal numbers from 1st to 10th and maybe even to 15th . Parents/guardians should mix up the numbers. now you have to put the correct ordinal number with the correct item. have a look at the following picture so you know what you have to do.

Introducing Ordinal Numbers - how we montessori

Here is another way parents could set up the activity.

Check out your very own classmate. wow he has got a lot of toys. Well done to you. Super impressive.

Another very impressive effort from class yellow. well done. keep up the great work!

Activity 3: RSE: Being friends