Valentines Week

Hello Inisturk and Dalkey

Valentines day is on Friday!

To celebrate Valentines Day on Sunday 14 Feb I have decided that we are going to look at the art of an incredible woman called Frida Kahlo who overcame great adversity in her life to become an artist who fearlessly portrayed her most intimate experiences, desires and emotional states. As a child Kahlo suffered from polio which caused her to limp .She was studying to become a doctor when at the age of 18 a bus she was taking was hit by as street car. The injuries she endured to her spine and pelvis were so extensive that doctors did not expect her to live. She first began to paint during her long convalescence. Her recover was never complete, however , and the rest of her life was marked by fatigue, recurring pain, multiple surgical interventions and progressive physical deterioration.

At the age of 22 she married the muralist Diego Rivera and during their tumultuous life together they loved, separated, divorced, remarrried were faithful and unfaithful, but their bond seemed unbreakable. To please Rivera Frida traded in her European clothing for native Mexican costumes , fringed shawls and bold jewellery that came to represent her public image.

The painting that we are going to look at in detail is called Two FRidas and it demonstrates the deep feelings she had for her husband Diega Rivera . it was painted after a time when they had seperated . Please watch the video and do your own version of a Frida Kahlo painting of your choice!

I am looking forward to seeing you all back in class after the mid term .

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Take care

Ms Swords