Using our practical skills to make solutions. ✔️

Hi all, hope you have been able to enjoy the day so far. As I may say if we were in school “you can use practical skills when you are at home!” I have set aside the model house building project for today but will revisit it again. I hope you have been thinking about a few of your own ideas that can be incorporated.

The pressure is on to get my tomato plants out into the glasshouse. The problem I have is that the plant pots have drain holes that allow the excess water to drain out but all over the floor of my small tomato plant house. This is the problem I am solving today using a lot of the skill we use everyday in the woodwork room ?.

Here you can see a pot I use with the drain holes ?

I have had the idea that some sort of tray under the pot would solve the problem ✔️

The first step is to take a few measurements. Can you name the tool I am using for this task? Have a look ? in the photo below.

I took a few measurements using the TAPE MEASURE & counted out the number of pots I am going to use this season – 6
With the measurements and idea in place I need to set out some material & tools.

Step 2. Making up the suitable material. Can you name the tools in the photo along with the wood type above?

That’s right I have set out some 2×1” white wood, pencil, tape measure, sanding block & panel saw.

The 2×1” is too big and needs to be made into 1×1”. (22 x 22 mm). For this task I had to use my panel saw taking care NOT to cut my fingers while holding it secure ?
This panel saw is very versatile & sharp!

With the wood split, the block plane is used to smooth off the rough cut edge.

The plan is becoming clearer I hope ?. The trays are going to be 800 x 400 x 22 mm and I need 3 of these the same. Can you give me the above measurements in cm?

Excellent 80 x 40 x 2.2 cm, too easy I hear you say!

Remember take care you can always measure twice but only cut once!!!
Using the cordless drill to insert 3.5×40 screws along with using a little wood glue to strengthen the butt joint.
The sanding block is a good tool for removing any sharp edges that may rip the inner tray
When using the butt joint with this wood type & size you will need a pilot hole in order to prevent the wood splitting when inserting the screw. ?
With the 3 surrounds made it is a good idea to test them out for fit just in case any adjustments are needed!! ✔️

So far so good ?. What do you think the next step is after sanding down? Excellent – it is out with the paint brush, first primer, then undercoat before the final colour coat ✔️

By setting up and using the off cut to rise the surrounds off the grass I do not have to worry too much about any small drips ?
Allowing for drying time, just putting on second coat now ?

I hope you enjoyed this problem solving project so far. I need to let the paint dry before the next finishing off & completion stage. As is said “there will be more to follow!”

Good Luck with your projects and keep the feedback coming, it is always good to keep in touch. ? ?