The SPHE Web-Post

(Or, lessons on how to feel good about ourselves- come on, you deserve it!)

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping well and busy. Please do review some of our class posts on keeping a routine and taking exercise breaks. Today, with the weather so bright seems like a fine day to start! Our class post today doesn’t have a single work download or link! But it does contain great advice on keeping well.

Right! Let’s Start…

Here’s a nice link to some good advice about keeping positively busy during this time.

Self Care When Staying Home

Another good source of advice. This Youtube video reminds us of things we can do to keep our spirits up and thrive during this time. (Taken from the CAMHS website)

A Good Sleep Routine

The following sleep routine comic is great. I like the way it reminds us that a good sleep routine is all about having a good day routine!

  • Download the PDF
  • Give it a look over.
  • Organize your day and sleep well.

Educate Yourself

I’m a strong believer that if you understand something better- you will cope with it better. Here’s a short online course that explains Covid 19 and how we should manage ourselves in order to manage it.

Read for Pleasure

Once again those kind people over in Primary Planet have given us a link to their magazine’s latest edition. Enjoy!

And Finally…

If laughter truly is the best medicine then meet two of its finest practitioners: Misters Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy…

Keep well Everyone!

Best regards,

Mr Dunlevy.