Suggested activities p.1


Suggested home based activities for Sherkin students.

18th March 2020

  • Select 3 or 4 activities to do each day.
  • Please try to establish a solid daily routine.
  • Break activities up with physical movement – check out RTE 10@10 and youtube: Go Noodle copy and repeat dances ‘ pop see ko’ ‘banana, banana meatball’ also the learning stations ‘move and freeze’,  ‘boom chicka boom’ and many others.
  • Please keep students requesting items and communicating directly /using full sentences and Lamh sign as much as possible.
  • Bake a cake / buns
  • Sing the alphabet song
  • Make some junk art
  • Make your bed
  • Fold your clothes
  • Match socks
  • Play in the garden
  • Sort some toys by size
  • Help to write a shopping list
  • Do a shape hunt around the house
  • Practice tying laces / putting on shoes and socks
  • Help to make lunch /dinner
  • Sort toys by colour
  • Play shop and exchange coins