Suggested activities for Sherkin 5th – 8th May

Suggested activities for Sherkin students

5th – 8th May 2020

Welcome back Sherkin students and parents – I hope you all enjoyed the lovely sunny bank holiday.

Housekeeping issues:

  1. Parents I am trying to set up a Sherkin classroom / bank of activities on the ‘Seesaw’ app.
  • But can I please remind parents that I can’t add your student’s name to the Sherkin classroom unless I have your permission.

If you could e-mail me at, I can give you details on how to access this great new resource. It will enable you to upload pictures and audio clips of your student completing or attempting the fun activities.

  1. Can I draw your attention to a series of webinars being organised by the Middletown Centre for Autism during May – I have registered for several of them. they have lots of great resources and links – NCSE supporting teenagers to regulate is a particularly good one.
  1. Can I encourage you to attempt some of the following activities if you can during the week and e–mail photos to me at if you wish these can be forwarded to the school facebook page.
  1. Don’t forget to check out the library facebook page and the RTE home school hub for lots if ideas and resources.
  1. For anyone who completed the Mentimeter activities, can I advise you there were 3 slides on each activity – you should click > at the right hand side of the slide to move to the next slide.
  1. Once again can I remind parents of the importance of establishing a good solid daily routine, I advise sticking to set activities at the start and then add in 1 or 2 new activities each day.


Sherkin students keep singing our morning songs and encourage your parents to join in with signs as well as singing along.

Parents don’t forget to help students keep up their daily writing practice by tracing / copying / writing into their diaries.

This week I invite you to complete the rainbow name activity as described on the ‘seesaw’ app to practice writing your names

Seesaw activities –

Students will be encouraged to get creative when practicing writing their names – rainbow names – parents “Encourage your child to have fun writing their name. Choose a colour and write your name, say each letter as you write it then choose another colour and trace over your letters again. Continue choosing more colours to trace your name”.

This week please check out the second Lamh lesson based on requesting food items and help during meal times – parents can learn and students practice the signs for ‘eating, bread, yoghurt, help, want and open’.


Parents last week you helped your student make their own Numicon shapes.

We will recap the method of matching Numicon shape the associated numerals.

I now invite parents to watch this short instructional video which shows how to use Numicon to teach / support addition.

You can now use Numicon to help your student do simple addition within 10. If you go to and search for numicon addition to 10 and select worksheets to recreate at home.

 Personal care and well being:

Parents I encourage you to work with your student to make Mini Quiches. Students really enjoy this activity at school.

Please take photos as you go along and e-mail some to me at and I can forward them to our school facebook page.

I hope they turn out well and you all enjoy a tasty treat for lunch.

Being part of the community:

During this first week in May I invite parents to work with your student to make a ‘May Altar’ to honor Our Lady.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have a statue of Our Lady or a piece of beautiful blue fabric, you can help your student draw a picture of Mary and use a blue t-shirt instead.

Please head outside to the garden and collect some flowers to adorn your alter, you can forward any photos to me

to put onto the school facebook page.

The Arts:

For music, can I introduce parents and students to the ‘Soundabout live’ website, were interactive music-making sessions are held for people of all ages and abilities.

This group hold live sessions on Tuesdays at 2pm.

Parents and students please watch this clip and then recreate this activity at home – making sounds from household objects.

For art, I recommend that students observe any flowers they have growing in your garden, you will be collecting some of these for your May altars.

Encourage your student to really look closely at the colours and shapes they can see in the flower.

If you both watch this ‘how to draw a flower’ clip you can attempt to draw a picture of the flower you just collected (e-mail me some photos of your drawings).

Physical Education:

Parents, Sherkin students really enjoyed the yoga sessions we attended over the last few years.

If you both watch this clip, it demonstrates many of the techniques we practiced in sessions.

I invite parents and students to practice at home

That’s it for now Sherkin students and parents, I hope you enjoy these activities.

Hopefully I’ll receive e-mails of students attempting activities and permission to add students onto the Sherkin ‘Seesaw’ classroom.

I will add Mentimeter activities soon.

Take care everyone and keep safe

Mrs. Harris