Skills – practical task

Good morning all, I hope you are keeping safe and healthy while making the best of this unique time. Remember we have been building up lots of different skills that can be practiced and used at home, inside and outside your house.

Our next task is to practice using a compass to draw out different sized circles that will be decorated before being stuck onto our cube to form a dice.?

You need to set out your old cereal box card that is ready for up-cycling.

Step 1. Using a pencil with a sharp point draw a circle radius 40 mm.

Neatly cut out this circle using your scissors as shown below.

Step 2. Mark out 2 circles radius 20 mm using the compass and neatly cut them out.

Step 3. Cut out 3 circles radius 20 mm. These 3 circles can be coloured or decorated in a way that you like.

Maybe print out different cartoon characters that you like – example Batman, Ironman, Wonder Woman ? etc. Similar to what we have done in class.

Step 4. Draw out 4 circles radius 20 mm and decorate them as you like. These also need to be neatly cut out.

Step 5. This time draw out 5 circles radius 15 mm and decorate these to suit as well as neatly cutting them out.

Step 6. Draw out 6 circles radius 15mm, decorate to suit and cut out neatly.

Step 7. To finish our dice carefully stick these circles onto each corresponding face of our cube.?? ✔️

?Remember you can also use different sized coins to draw around if you have practiced with the compass. You may find this alternative technique a little easier.

With you dice complete, tidy your work space and leave the tools used back in there correct place . Excellent work, now use your right hand to give yourself a pat on the back! ????

You can now think of possible rules for your game!