Show and Tell Friday


It’s that time again. Our favourite time of the week. I’m showing you a picture of my water fountain in my back garden. we bought new flowers last week and planted them around the fountain to give it some colour. What do you think? I look forward to your show and tell pictures/ videos. Have a lovely weekend class yellow and all your families!

“This is a tandem bike that I got from a charity shop that loans them out. this is me with my Dad”.

“I also like to play ThinkTrolls, it’s a logic game that I play most days. It is good for problem solving. I connect it to the big screen”

“I also follow a math programme on my computer. As you can see I’m also enjoying a cup of tea while I work hard”.

“Cooking a lovely chocolate cake” and also celebrated a birthday last week.

Happy Birthday
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this was one of the activities I had sent home. well done figuring out what things require electricity.

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I love to see the things that make you happy Penuel! Making toast also makes me happy. I love lots of butter on my toast. yummy!

Here I am dancing to my favourite song, by the Beetles- we all live in a Yellow Submarine.

I made a video showing my class how I planted seeds. I did a great job! I would make a good gardener!