Sherkin – suggested activities for week 27th April – 1st May

Suggested activities for Sherkin students for the week

27th April – 1st May

Good morning Sherkin students and parents.

I hope you are all continuing to keep safe and staying as active as you can.

We had great fun in this house on our shape hunt and 3D model making – check out this cool robot.

Why don’t you send me photos of any 3D models you made.

If you log onto and enter the code 41359 I can check out how well you all know your 2D shapes. Then if you login again and enter the code 606878 I can check out if you can identify some 3D shapes.

Look how much our potatoes have grown

The Sunflower seeds are starting to germinate

The Strawberries and vegetables are enjoying the sunshine.

* I would really recommend watching the RTE school Hub each week day at 11am on RTE 1.


Sherkin students keep singing our morning songs and encourage your parents to join in with signs as well as singing along.

Parents don’t forget to help students keep up their daily writing practice by tracing / copying / writing into their diaries.

We sent home a laminated practice sheet so students can practice writing their names / addresses, please encourage your child to practice writing their names.

I would like to recommend you all check out the Lamh website and this week check out the first lesson based on simple greetings – parents can learn and students practice the signs for ‘hello, I am good, I am happy and goodbye’.

I will quiz you all next week on Mentimeter to check how well you’re doing.

I’d like to remind you all about access to our reading scheme from Collins publishers

Students really get inspired and enjoy books when they see significant adults reading – so please all join in with the DEAR initiative – Drop Everything And Read once a day.

Send me some photos of your student enjoying a book

Remember there are lots of digital resources available to download and print if possible from


We will continue exploring number – hopefully this week with Numicon.

I realise parents, that you probably don’t have actual Numicon patterns at home but if you could print out the patterns from this link and get your student to colour them in the correct colours you could make your own.  Once coloured they should be backed onto cardboard to make them more durable.

Link with ‘the arts’ for advice on making your own Numicon from scratch.

Check out this little clip to remind you how to order the Numicon patterns correctly.

I will quiz you next week on Mentimeter to see who can identify Numicon patterns.

Why not play this fun game, all you need is chalk and a few rolled up pairs of socks, students can add up their score or call out the numbers they recognise. Great also for hand eye coordination.

Lots of fun interactive Math games on topmarks website.

Personal care and wellbeing:

Keep up with the massage and sensory play recommended last week. Why not combine both this week ?? You could make up the Corn flour in a washing up bowl and invite your student to stand inside in their bare feet and explore the changing viscosity of the mixture.

Parents can I ask you to continue working through the Stay safe / RSE booklets I made up and requested be posted home before Easter (if any mix ups occurred just help your student sign the worksheets they complete with you and we will sort them out when we return to class).

These are the associated websites, please pick activities and levels you feel are appropriate for your student – and

Focus on the ‘pants rule’ from the NSPCC website – students are familiar with this programme and enjoy singing and clapping along to the Pantosaurus song.

Being part of community:

Students and parents please remember to request items at breakfast time and continue to practice and develop your independent life skills by washing up your bowl, spoon and glass and then putting them away.

This week the focus will be on sweeping the floor (students take it in turn to sweep the floor after breakfast in school). Parents I would recommend you use the X on the floor strategy as a visual aid for your students

The arts:

Link with numeracy activity – hopefully the good weather will continue and students can have fun drawing outside with chalk – you could reinforce shape work from last week ?

Or draw and identify Numicon shapes.

Parents if you have access to a printer could you print off Numicon patterns (link in Numeracy) and help students colour them, in associated colours, then back onto cardboard to create your own Numicon patterns that students can work with at home.

Equally you could work together to draw the patterns by hand directly onto a recycled cereal box and colour in associated colours.

Continue to explore the ‘go noodle’ songs

Here is a silly favourite of Sherkin class.

Also parents don’t be afraid to introduce your student to some of the music you used to listen to when you were a teenager!!!  turn the music up and have a fun dance party together.


Following on from the Balloon activities last week why don’t you try this fun tennis activity

Check out some lovely physio exercises with ‘bumblebeephysio’ on their facebook page – P.E with Hannah. It’s a good bit easier then Joe Wicks !!!

Bumble Bee Physio (find them on Facebook) are doing adapted sessions of the popular Joe Wicks PE. There’s a session at 11 am on Tuesday that may be worth tuning into.

The sessions will include options for lying, sitting and supported standing. Perhaps if you have other children at home they could also join in and support their brothers and sisters.

Let me know how you get on

Link with numeracy sock throw activity

** Sherkin class – students and parents, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoy completing these suggested activities.

Remember to login to and complete activity.

email me any photos or concerns at

Hopefully all your loved ones are safe, socially distancing and cocooning.

See you all soon

M Harris