Sherkin suggested activities 25th – 29th May

Sherkin – suggested activities for week 25th – 29th May

Hello Sherkin parents and students, are you all ready for another week?

I hope you all received the ‘plaque check’ tablets in the post.

Why not send some photos to and I can forward them to the school website / facebook page.

This week we are continuing with our being healthy topic.

We will focus on healthy eating this week.


Don’t forget to keep going with our daily routine, singing our daily songs, writing in our daily diary and practicing how to write our names / addresses.

We will look at this book

Discuss the different meals with your student and ask them to make / show you their choice. Encourage students to use Lamh to identify their favourite meals or use full sentences when they are telling you.

Key vocabulary for healthy eating

Please read each word and expand into full sentences, If possible could

you help your student write sentences to accompany some of these words. Link with numeracy – data recording.

Remember to support your student at the writing stage they are at:

1. Mark making: your child can experience making marks with gel crayons or brightly coloured markers.

2. Your child can trace over letters / words with hand over hand support or verbal prompts

3. Your child can write and copy sentences independently or from a model.

We will move onto the next Lamh activity.

Activity 2: Simon Says (Lámh Style)

Step 1: Get your family together in a big circle-inside or outside. Take turns signing and shouting out which action you all have to do.

Everyone does the actions together. Lámh has signs for all these actions: climb, dance, dig, draw, drink, drive, fall, fight, go, grow, hug, jump, kick, knock, lie down, make, play, pour, pull, push, roll, run, sing, sleep, stop, sweep, swim, throw, stand up, wait, walk, wash……and more!

Step 2: Step it up a notch and add a number to your action, why not combine your signs!

Example: “2 jumps ” sign and say the number and the action word. Then as you do the action shout out “jump 1, jump 2”.
Again, go around the circle so that everyone has a turn to give the instruction and the sign.

Step 3: Get Silly! Add details like throw in some fun actions.

This is a great way to include more signs.
For example; walk like an elephant”, “ jump like a frog”, “swing like a monkey”, “ fly like a plane” “ roll like a sausage”.

Remember you can access Lámh Signs Online to check any of the signs needed for these activities. Lámh Signs Online is free to access until 31st May 2020.

I will add activities to the Sherkin section on Seesaw during the week.

Don’t forget it’s not too late to sign up to ‘Seesaw’ – just email me at and I will forward you a code so your student can join in the Sherkin classroom.


We will continue working on ‘data’ recording. Parents can you help your student to carry out this fruit survey, ask different members of your family which is their favourite fruit (you can ring grand parents and cousins as well).

Once you’ve tallied up the numbers / raw data, you can now record / display this data visually.

Have a chat about which food is healthy to eat every day and which we should only eat as a treat once in a while.

I will put more activities on ‘Seesaw’ during the week.

Personal care and well being:

Staysafe / RSE – can I encourage parents to continue working through the stay safe / RSE booklet. I recommend this brilliant book that addresses the main elements. ‘My body what I say goes’ by Jayneen Sanders.

This book will help parents and students continue to explore feeling safe and unsafe. It explores the importance of understanding the warning signs of feeling unsafe. It reminds students that private parts are private and advises the use of correct anatomical names for private parts. It informs students of the importance of telling a trusted adult and explores the difference between secrets and surprises

Here are the associated websites and

FREE Mental Well-being Journal for Kids

During challenging times, it’s more important than ever to look after your child’s well-being. To help parents to help their children, Outside the Box has produced a FREE activity journal (At Home with Weaving Well-being) to help children to enhance their mental well-being through a range of activities. It’s probably most suitable for children aged 8 to 12 tears old but can certainly be adapted for younger or older children. It was released at the start of April as a response to the current crisis.

You can download it and print it out for your child/children or, if you don’t have access to a printer, your child can get the activity idea from the screen and do it on a blank sheet of paper.

Most of the topics in the FREE journal, such as positivity, gratitude, kindness, bravery, creativity and self-kindness, are drawn from the field of Positive Psychology, which is the science of well-being. There are also activities based on dealing with worries and coping with change.

Being part of the community:

We will explore the link between keeping our teeth healthy and eating healthy food and drinking water – link with Numeracy activity.

Parents and students will you work together to make a healthy fruit salad

The NCSE have recommended this recipe

I look forward to seeing photos of your fresh fruit salad.

Parents help to support your student as they set the table for your family and portion out the salad into individual bowls, and then wash up the bowls afterwards to contribute to their family community.

The Arts:

Before you make your fruit salad, please arrange a small selection into a bowl and then have fun drawing a ‘still life’ of your fruit.

Or you could cut out pictures of fruit from magazines and arrange a collage picture of fruit.


In case you missed it last week, why not enjoy this lovely Lamh cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘perfect’, Silvia Angel uses a combination of Lamh and ISL signs.

Here are some fun healthy eating songs to enjoy.

And don’t forget Sherkin students favourite – Go Noodle’s Banana, Banana Meatball.

Physical Education:

Here is the rest of the advice booklet from the Irish Government developed by Occupational therapists.

It is important to keep active and develop student’s gross motor skills, especially in the coming weeks as we will be practicing our skills to get ready for a ‘virtual’ sports day perhaps???

I’m sure there is plenty here to keep you all busy this week.

Don’t forget to check out activities on the school website and email me with photos of activities if you can.

Enjoy the good weather and next weeks Bank Holiday on 1st of June.

Take care

Mrs. Harris