Sherkin – suggested activities 22nd – 26th June 2020

Suggested activities for Sherkin

22nd – 26th June

Well here we are at the last week of activities for this school year.

What a strange way to finish up, we have all missed school and look forward to getting back.

Don’t forget to check out the school website for suggested activities and photos. Send me photos and I can forward them to the school facebook page

I hope you all had a lovely Fathers day on Sunday.

This week is ‘virtual sports day’ so lots of outdoor fun hopefully.


Here are some ‘sports day’ vocabulary. Parents please practice the Lamh signs and encourage students to sign as you complete your ‘virtual sports day’.

Parents and students you can reflect back over the year and complete these ‘end of year’ literacy activities.


Here are some duck /sports themed counting / sorting activities – ordinal numbers. Count as you complete sports day activities.

Personal care and well being:

We will look at the emotional benefits of physical activity to help self regulate and link to schools virtual sports day.

We will reflect back on some of the great times and successes we shared during the year.

Can I direct parents towards these websites and video clips to help you and your student as you approach the final section of the Stay safe / RSE booklet I had posted home in March – Human life cycle – link to the ducklings that hatched out.

We will explore what resources and care baby ducks need to grow and survive – link to what care human babies need.

Our baby ducklings need a safe warm place to live – just like a baby human.

They need food and water and of course exercise – swimming.

Being part of the community:

Look back over the past few weeks posts for lots of suggested activities to help students join their school community by taking part in our virtual sports day.

The arts:

To make it easier to draw out your obstacle course from last week, you could make paint out of coloured chalk, you can use this to draw on paths at home for the sports activities.

I will show the students a video of the ducklings in the garden swimming in a little pool.

If you’d like to try and draw a duckling – you could follow along with this tutorial.

Physical education:

Please enjoy all the sports activities from the past few weeks and send photos to me at and I can forward them to the school facebook page.

Why not get the whole family together and hold a penalty shoot competition at home with siblings.

At this time of year – scroll back through all the photos on the facebook page to see photos of our activities during the year.

Here is the video of our National winning entry for the ‘Moo Crew’ competition.

Have a great summer and enjoy a well earned rest.

Mrs. Harris