Sherkin suggested activities 15th – 19th June

Suggested activities for the week 15th – 19th June 2020

Look at all the fabulous baking that took place in Sherkin.

This one has a little Gingerbread person to represent each student in Sherkin class.

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This week is going to be ‘Gardening week’ – so lots of cross subject linking and integration.
Sherkin students enjoy a weekly Horticulture class, here are a few reminders of all the fun we had and great work we did.


Why not have a go at writing your own poem?

Enjoy Pam Ayres funny poem.

Gardening vocabulary: Parents can you help your student identify, say or sign these words. Encourage them to expand single words into fuller sentences – practice writing a few.

Please read this book from the Collins ‘Big Cat’ reading scheme.

Do you remember we sent home sun flower seeds? Did you plant them?
Are they growing ? If not you could always do a ‘Mr Bean’ !!!

Here is my sunflower.

You could record the flowers growth in a diary like this one.

During the year Sherkin class were taking part in Agri Aware’s ‘Incredible Edibles’ initiative. We were working through the set tasks. I have compiled all our work into a power point which I will try to upload if I can.

Please log into and add the code 86 80 17 to take part in the poll to decide how to cook the rest of the potatoes as they are harvested.

You can log into their website where you will find lots of lovely activities, like these fun addition pictures.

Why not head out to your garden and complete some of these counting and shape tasks.

Place the life cycle pictures in the correct sequence.

Personal care and well being:
Parents we are nearly at the end of our Stay Safe / RSE booklet. We will be learning all about the human life cycle next week.
This week parents check out these very useful resources to help your student understand the changes associated with puberty and growing up.

Students and parents you can practice your mindfulness and enjoy listening to some ‘nature sounds’ from around the world. You can explore this interactive nature sounds map –

A wonderful sensory exercise is just to spend time barefoot in the garden, experience the diverse textures and temperatures of the different surfaces. The smooth cold soft grass, the rough dry warm path, or the clumpy damp cold soil.

Being part of the community:
As this is gardening week – why not help your parents tidy up round the garden? Maybe help to cut the grass or weed the flower beds?

This one is for the parents.

You could help your wider community / environment by adding to the biodiversity of your garden. Try making a bug hotel out of recycled materials and bits you find in your garden.

Try this one if you really want to impress the bugs / neighbours.

Students you could help your parents by washing the car. I hope you do a better job then Kevin !!

The Arts:
Why not save some of the pretty flowers in your garden, these can be used later in the year to make lovely cards.

A beautiful old song for the parents.

A beautiful new song for the students.

And a silly song just because its nearly the end of term.

Physical Education:
As we will be holding a whole school ‘Virtual sports day’ next week I suggest parents that you set up an obstacle course in your garden.
Students are to help set it up and tidying it all away again of course !

And just in case the weather is bad, you can still create an educational obstacle course inside.

I hope you all have a great week exploring and learning about nature in your garden.

I look forward to seeing photos of you attempting / completing these activities. Email me at

I haven’t forgotten about the ducklings — they are still safely hatching in the incubator but hopefully I will have some news for you all soon.

Take care everyone and keep checking the school website for updates and email me photos of all your work and fun

Mrs. Harris