Sherkin – reading

Reading books:

Sherkin students really enjoy exploring books.

Each week we visit the school library, each student selects a book and enjoys having it read to them.

Twice a term, we catch the service bus and travel down to the public library, were we select books that will support our classroom topics.

Each week students choose and take home 2 reading books.

We sent home a selection of reading books before we finished up but I’m sure you are ready for a change of books.

***For digital access to the reading books we use please Log into ‘Collins Connect’

Click on the ‘teacher sign in’

User name:

Password: Parents20!

Big cat books are graded from pink to lime, fiction and non fiction.

Reading Advice

Remember to have a quick chat about the books pictures/illustrations as an introduction.

A few comprehension questions at the end will help to clarify if your son/daughter understands what he/she is reading or has listened to.

Always encourage your child to ‘have-a-go’ at sounding out a word or using a Lamh sign. Wait a few seconds and if they remain stuck then prompt them.

Sample questions to stimulate thinking:

1. Why do you think …… ?

2. How do you know……?

3. Can you retell the story in your own words / Lamh sign……?

4. How do you think the main character is feeling when…..?

5. Could you think of a different ending …?

6. Tell me about the three main parts to the story….. ?

(start, middle, end)