Sherkin – Egg Fried Rice

Sherkin students really enjoyed making ‘egg fried rice’ today. They also really enjoyed tasting and eating this delicious easy to make nutritious meal.

Each student worked individually with their own equipment.

Firstly students chopped cooked chicken.

Next students added oil to the pan and scrambled an egg.

Then we added peas and boiled rice.

After a good stir we added the chopped chicken.

Finally students drizzled a little soy sauce over the egg fried rice and listened to the wonderful sizzle sound as they stirred all ingredients together.

Each student carefully transferred their egg fried rice onto their plate.

And finally the best part – tasting and eating our egg fried rice. Yummy.

Now parents — its your turn !!

Weekend homework. Please follow the steps and method below and work over the weekend with your young adult to make ‘egg fried rice’ for the whole family as a meal.

I can’t wait to see all the photos you send us of your wonderful young adults preparing and cooking this tasty nutritious meal for your whole family.

Please forward photos to