Sherkin activities 2nd – 5th June 2020

Suggested activities from 2nd – 5th June

Hello parents and students from Sherkin class.

We are definitely in the summer term now, with all this sunny weather.

Please check the school website and Seesaw for activities during the week – never to late to sign up, just email me and I’ll forward your code.

Email me at

At school during this last month I usually bring bubbles out to the yard when on duty, so instead this year I am going to post you all out a set of the wonderful touchable bubbles that we all enjoy so much in class.

Please be careful when out in the sun and remember to put on lots of sun cream and wear a hat.

Don’t forget:


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Password: Parents20!

  • Check out the resources available from Louth Libraries
  • The RTE learning hub is a great programme on at 11am each week day.


This week we will explore the key vocabulary associated with going to a café. Parents will you help students read / sign the key words and expand into full sentences – practice writing / saying these and Lamh signs.

We also use this ‘Grid Player’ app you can download the free version from the apple store.

Parents if you want to visit the ‘Middletown Autism’ website there are some great resources on the topic of café / eating in restaurants.

Link with Drama, Numeracy and being part of the community

We will explore reading / using a menu – please practice and use some of the associated Lamh signs, and grid player screens.

Students please keep practicing writing your own name several times during the week. 

Don’t forget our songs and writing your daily diary.


We will explore money – parents can you help your student set up and play ‘Café’.

Students will you practice identifying real coins – Parents you can recreate these worksheets at home using real coins (identifying, matching, counting and addition activities).

Students can you use real coins to pay for a meal / snack in your cafe. Link with Literacy, Drama and Living in the community. Some students may attempt addition by combining several items of food.

Personal care and well being:

Ahead of next weeks ‘virtual bake off’ we will explore kitchen safety and hygiene. Can you work together on these NCSE resources and worksheets from

Parents check out these fun, easy to make sensory bins – you could work together to make some for your student to explore.

Being part of the community:

The Arts:

Parents will you work with your student as you both ‘roll play’ going to a café and ordering from a menu.

Students don’t leave all the work to your parents – remember to help set up the café, and tidy it away of course.

Parents and students will you take turns to be the waiter and customer as you roll play – link with Literacy, Numeracy and Being part of the community.

Physical Education:

Parents and students we are going to be holding a ‘virtual’ sports day in the last week of school. This week will you practice 1 traditional ‘school sports day’ activity. We will work on the ‘egg and spoon’ race – but I would

advise using potatoes instead of eggs.

I recommend this Go Noodle activity as a ‘cool down’ exercise.

We just celebrated Pentecost Sunday on May 31st

Here is a child friendly version of the story, you learned all about the Holy Spirit when you made your Confirmation. This activity works with a paper plate.

Have fun creating your café, roll playing greeting your customers, reading the menu, ordering your food, possibly working out your bill, paying with real coins and finally saying good bye.

I’m really looking forward to receiving photos of your café’s – you can email me at

Enjoy the good weather and take care.

Mrs. Harris