Sherkin activities 11th – 15th May


Suggested activities for week 11th – 15th May 2020

Hello Sherkin students

Welcome to another week – its amazing how quickly they are flying by.

It turns out that growing vegetables is tricky:

This sun flower seems to be growing well.

The potatoes are growing fast .

But I fear these leaves are been eaten by something ?

maybe a snail or a rabbit ??

I think I need to check out some of the tips and ideas that Ms Kennedy has posted in the Horticulture section.

  • Thank you to the parents who allowed me to include their student in our ‘Seesaw’ classroom I hope you have fun attempting the activities.
  • Don’t worry parents I can still add students at any time but I must have your permission before I do, so why not e-mail me at and I can forward you your individual login  code.

Here are some more ideas to keep you all busy this week.


Keep up with our daily songs, writing your diary and practicing writing your name / address several times during the week.

Link with ‘Being part of the community’, the Dr. Seuss story ‘Bartholomew and the Oobleck’.

Here is a shorter version.

Link with Personal care and wellbeing, Staysafe / RSE poem – My body belongs to me by Jill Starishevsky.

Parents remember to help students choose a new reading book from the Collins big cat online reading scheme.  Why not forward photos of your student reading either on computer or enjoying one of their own favourite books from home –

Students you can record your names and attempt other activities on the seesaw app if appropriate.

Don’t forget to link in with Co. Louth library services, they have some wonderful resources and story time with Lisa and Annemarie. and their facebook page


This week we will explore a selection of household objects and carry out an experiment to see if they float or sink.

Parents can you work with your student and complete the Seesaw activity I’ve put on our classroom page and record your findings.

Here is an example of how to record your findings

If you have not contacted me directly to get your Seesaw access code, you can still complete the activity, simple gather a selection of house hold objects e.g. a wooden spoon, a metal spoon, a glass, a plastic cup etc.

Fill a sink or washing up bowl with water and experiment with the objects you’ve selected, look at each item and guess if it will float or sink, then test it out – does it float or sink ? now record your findings.

Forward photos to

You could also try this activity.

Personal care and wellbeing:

Parents can you continue to work through the stay safe / RSE booklet – let me remind you of the web sites and

Focus on private body parts, Parents if you go to the 1st / 2nd class section on the pdst website and the TR19 element ‘My body belongs to me’ and enjoy this animated poem by Jill Starishevsky – link with literacy.

Being part of the community:

Can I remind and encourage you all to continue with sensory activities from previous weeks.

This week can I suggest that parents and students explore your corn flour mix to experiment if objects ‘float or sink’ in it

Supplies needed:

clear plastic bowl

enough Corn flour mix (Oobleck) to fill the bowl with 2-inches of goo

everyday waterproof objects such as bath toys, water bottles, silverware, action figures, etc.


Mix corn flour and water together in a plastic bowl to make ‘Oobleck’.

Pick out several common objects and guess if they will sink or float.

Place the object on top of the Oobleck and allow it to sit on the surface for 30 seconds.

Record how the objects reacted once placed on the Oobleck and again after 30 seconds.

What you’ll learn:

This activity can help to demonstrate density of objects to students. It isn’t the size of the object that determines whether it will sink or float, but the object’s density. Heavier metal items are likely to sink after 30 seconds. Lighter or air-filled objects such as bath toys and action figures will stay on top of the surface.

Link with numeracy – float and sink

You could also listen together to the Dr. Seuss story ‘Bartholomew and the Oobleck’ – link with literacy.

The Arts:

Parents here is a fun way to explore the 6 primary colours found in a rainbow. Look at this photo of how to use this activity to practice student’s knowledge of number bonds to 10 while also exploring Numicon shapes – link with numeracy.

Seesaw activity – draw a picture of your self using colourful crayons

For music, you can continue with activities on the ‘Soundabout live’ website, were interactive music-making sessions are held for people of all ages and abilities.

This group hold live sessions on Tuesdays at 2pm.

Check out this powerful inclusive choir singing ‘reach for the stars’, Sherkin students will be familiar with this song as we sang it when we joined 2 other schools as part of the ‘Peace IV’ initiative last year in Carlingford.

Physical education:

Students continue with PE with Hannah, who does adapted Joe Wicks PE sessions – details put on website last week.

Here is another workout for you all to try

Take a bit of time out and continue to practice your yoga – just do a few minutes a day to keep flexible and relaxed

Get your parents and siblings to join you as you practice our ‘pop see ko’ movement song – we were working on it with Kwasie before Easter.

Well that’s it for another week.

Don’t forget to log into and use the codes 70 59 84 and 38 53 1  – To show me how well you know your Numicon shapes.

During the week I will set more questions for you based on our float / sink experiment.

Take care everyone.

Mrs. Harris