This week in Sherkin class we have been taking part in ‘antibullying week’.

Following on from last weeks ‘kindness day’, this week we explored friendship and diversity. We enjoyed completing the creative schools ‘dance’ activity – we danced ‘as though no one was watching’ to Imagine Dragons ‘Thunder’.

To further explore the idea of how bullying and feeling different can leave people feeling alone and isolated (a bit like Covid !!). We worked in isolation at first then combined all our elements to create tasty fruit smoothies. As we were also learning about colours this week, each student dressed in the same colour as their fruit.

Although we are all different in Sherkin class we all feel we ‘belong to’, which is a great feeling.

Please practice these skills at home and forward photos to

Don’t forget to check out our seesaw classroom for homework activities.

And remember to dance like no one is watching !

M. Harris