Red (May 5th – 8th)


Hello Class Red, hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. I found this photo and smiled so much! Here are activities for this week, as always, don’t feel pressure to complete all of them, do what you can. Looks like it’s going to another lovely week (we’ve been so lucky with the weather, as you’re all definitely aware) so get the children playing outside as much as possible!

Keep trying activities in the Cloud Challenge (see last post), ideally trying to complete at least two tasks a day.

Remember, don’t give up on an activity if your child isn’t getting it on first attempt. They learn in different ways. It can take lots of repetition and modelling from you. If they begin to get frustrated (or you), move on to another activity and come back to it. That is ok, but don’t give up, they are capable of so much 😀


Continue practicing letter formation, using the Handwriting Without Tears online resources and the strategies I mentioned in a previous post. Any questions email me Here are some more activities you can add to those.

Water Spray Alphabet Hunt

This is a great, fun way to work on letter recognition and letter sounds. It is also good for motor skills before writing.

You will need: Spray bottle, water and chalk

Write capital letters (the list of the ones we have covered are in previous post) on things in the garden with chalk. Call out a letter and show an example of the letter some paper. When they find it, they can spray it with water until the letter disappears.

Start off with one letter and then can begin to challenge them by introducing more than one.

Garden ABC Letter Hunt

Another lovely activity to do outside while practicing letter recognition. At first, you can do it with letters only. Then you can incorporate a bit more writing into the activity with a recording sheet. You can use the printable ABC Scavenger hunt at the end of the instructions or make up your own!

You can use foam letters or any letters you have at home. Hide the letters around your garden or outdoor area near your house. Put a basket or bucket in the middle for your child to place the letters in as they find them.

As they find the letters, they can bring them back to you and you should encourage them to say the letter/ find letter on ipad. If your child isn’t at this stage yet, hold the letter in front of them and say the letter name a few times. Then they can put them into the basket.

Your child can then match the letters to the recording sheet below (or you can make one). They can colour inside each letter as they go through the ones they found during the scavenger hunt.

A picture of the recording sheet in case the download doesn’t work for you.


Counting Bubbles

We all love bubbles! You can find bubble mixture recipes online to make them at home. Chasing bubbles is a fun way to get your kids moving and burn off a little energy. It also develops their gross motor skills. A simple counting game is to first start counting the bubbles 1-5 and then 1-10 yourself. Then count together. Finally get your child to try and count by themselves (OC can choose a number on the ipad, then you count that amount of bubbles). Extend the game by counting further.


Here is a video demonstrating the colours in Lámh. Watch this with your child and say the colour while doing the sign. You should concentrate on 1 colour a day, repeating it as much as possible throughout the day and getting them to repeat it.

Remember to email me photos and I can share them on the school Facebook page if you’d like. Keep an eye out on the school website throughout the week, there will be a few more posts 🙂 Enjoy and have a lovely week!