Red (May 25th-29th)


Hi everyone, another week of class Red growing up I’m sure! Hope all is well, we’re into the last week of May (HOW?). Here are suggested activities for this week. Email with any questions or photos, as you all know, I love seeing their faces!


If you haven’t already logged into Seesaw, I have sent you an email with instructions. There are 3 videos describing how it works and there are activities you can try out.


Continue to practice letter formation using objects in the house and the Handwriting Without Tears App. Get in as much mark making as you can, tracing their name, colouring, painting, joining the dots etc.

Oxford Owl

The Oxford Owl website has lots of free resources including eBooks you can read with your child. You should begin by looking at this page, giving you tips on how to read with your child at home. It will ask you to make a log in.(The website also has a section on Numicon for those who have that at home)


Counting with Lego (or any small objects you have at home) – Make a chart like the one beneath on pieces of paper and help your child complete it. Repeat it every day, giving them more time to try it independently, helping only when necessary. Once they can complete it on their own, you can move to 11-20.

Giant wall phone – You can create this using paper and a marker. Stick onto the wall and call out numbers for your child to press.


Print Making – let your child make a picture in paint, then press a piece of paper down and carefully lift up.

P.E. – Gross Motor Skills

The following are some activities for your child to develop gross motor skills. You can adapt them to his or her abilities:

Play with a large ball (Yoga ball or beach ball if you have one), encouraging your child to kick the ball, alternatively using different feet. Throwing and catching is also fun.

Dancing, either freestyle or through songs with movements, like ‘I’m a little tea pot’

Walk around the garden or park, for variety add in jogging, marching, skipping or hopping.

Fine Motor Skills

Developing fine motor skills , does not have to be hard work. Just playing with your child and having fun can go along way in both teaching them and having some great one-on-one time.

Here are some fine motor activities for you to try this week:


Cut a shape out of an old cardboard box, and using clothes pegs (The kind that you squeeze on one end so that the other end opens.) show your child how to peg them on and off around the edge of the cardboard.

Make a mask. Using a paper plate cut out eyes, nose and a mouth. Paint and colour the mask, and use the tearing activity above to or pegs to make the hair.

  • Tearing and cutting

Use paper with different texture and thickness, newspaper, typing paper, thin cardboard etc. Let your child tear or cut them into strips. You can also use childrenÂ’s craft scissors that cut different patterns.

Draw outlines in various shapes with a thick marker and let them tear or cut out the different shapes. Use these shapes to make a picture, and glue them onto a different piece of paper.

Have a lovely week!

S. Donlon