Red (May 11th-15th)


Hello everyone, time is flying, we are into another week. I’m loving all of the lovely pictures of the boys and girls playing and looking so happy, keep sending them in! Here are some activities to try this week 😀


This weeks focus will be on recognizing and spelling their own name. Add a little bit of fun to your name writing practice. Here is a list of hands-on writing activities. It will make learning fun for them without adding pressure!

First, begin your lesson by forming the letters of their name using materials in the house (see previous post about letter formation). You should have their name on a sheet in front of them.

Secondly, if you have play-Doh, get your child to roll it out and form the letters of their name. To make it easier, write their name in caps on a piece of paper and let them play to play-Doh over the letters.

Next, try a different one of these activities a day.

Finally, let them on Handwriting Without Tears app if you have it to trace the letters of their name – their favorite part of the lesson! You can use this as a motivator (First writing, Next iPad/Tablet).

Continue reading stories to your child daily, letting them look at the pictures and ask them to point at different people/objects.

Maths – shapes

This week the focus is on shapes – circle, square and triangle to start with. You can introduce more when they are confident with those three. Print or draw big shapes on paper and stick them somewhere in the house that you can frequently point to and say to familiarize them with your child.

Learning about squares art – You will need blocks or something square you can put paint on. Dip it into the paint and then stamp onto paper.

Masking tape shapes –

Sorting shapes –

Collect different shaped objects in your house and get your child to sort them.

Shape songs on YouTube –

Pause just before they name the shape in the video and let your child try to name it.

I Spy With My Little Eye

This a game we played in school to learn new vocabulary. I will I ‘I spy with my little eye, a pig’ (saying the word) and the children will come up to the board and point to that object. If they get it right, praise them and clap, if not, ask them to try again. If they don’t know it, show them where it is and keep coming back to that object. If you don’t have a Twinkl account, it is currently free and has lots of lovely eBooks and activities. There are different I Spy posters, you could try doing one a week or move on when your child recognizes all the objects on the poster.

If you don’t have an account, here is a PDF of the poster.


Stretch, bend and get moving with the Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel, where you’ll find 10-20 minute guided yoga workouts.  Class Red love striking poses in outer space, underwater and on the farm!

Have a lovely week and I’ll post some more during the week.

Take care,

S. Donlon