Red (June 8th-12th)


Three weeks left before school is finished for this year – you’re nearly there! If any of you want to share my job next year, just let me know, I’m sure you’re all pros!


I have assigned 3 activities for this week. Two are fun counting games and the third is getting your best dance moves out! If you haven’t logged in, I have sent out an email with instructions how to. Any problems, just email me and I can help!


Continue practicing letter formation and recognition using the techniques I explained in the post Red (May 11th-15th) and the website from the post Welcome Back Class Red! Apr 20th-24th. Lots of mark making, tracing and colouring, making sure they are using the correct pencil grip.

Here are 2 nice online matching activities on Oxford Owl.

Here is a picture book about The Library. Read the first page for guidance on how to read it with your child. Now that libraries are back open, you might like to pay it a visit!

The next is a lovely story about a witch staying at home!



This week for Maths, we are exploring capacity (at a simple level). First explain the definition of capacity (the maximum amount something can contain – when something is full). Let them explore by giving them containers to fill and empty with water. Keep using the words full and empty, encouraging them to repeat after you.

Learning about capacity last year

You can do this with containers of different sizes and different objects – rice, beads, lego, pasta etc. Let them pour or place the different materials into bowls/ cups/ jugs and then say full. Compare 2 containers saying full and empty.

Words to use:

Full – Empty

More – Less

Half Full (if they have a good understanding)

Pour, add, fill

Once you are finished exploring, draw 2 jars on a page as shown in next picture (maybe 3 the second time you do the activity to make it more challenging). Get your child to colour them in appropriately.

Try integrating these words into other things throughout the day e.g. pouring juice into a cup during dinner, having baths and loading the washing machine.


Try out the dancing activity on Seesaw, making up different dance moves to different songs!

Cosmic Kids! Yoga on YouTube is great, there are lots of different themes you can try.

If you haven’t seen, check out the Bake Off Week post for class Red, it’s time to become mini chefs!! Also, sometimes when I click into the website, it hasn’t reloaded from the last time I’ve been on so I need to refresh it, it might be the same for you. You can see all my posts in the Class Red section from the Primary tab across the top, you can dip in and out of all of them and try some of the activities. Have a lovely week and I’ll chat to you soon 🙂 S Donlon