Red (June 22nd-26th)

We are now coming to the end of the school year and finishing up. Our final challenge is SPORTS WEEK! Thanks so much for all who took part in the Baking week and Gardening week, loved seeing the photos 😀 If you haven’t, it’s not too late to get involved. Try some activities outside or inside with your child and send me photos to You can see the previous challenges slideshows on the schools Facebook page or the news section of the school website!

The Body Parts

Try singing ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes’ daily with your child, starting off slowly and getting them to copy your actions.

Life Sized Drawing

WHAT YOU NEED: Paper; Post-It Notes (or smaller paper); marker pen.

ADULT PREP: Choose different body parts from the drawing that you want to focus on and stick a post-it note on top of it. Trace the shape. Optional – write the name of the body part. Put the post-it note to the side of the drawing ready to play.

With your child, see if they can match the body part drawn on the post-it note to the life sized drawing. Reinforce the name of the body part and get your child to repeat it back to you. Can they point to that body part on themselves?

Let’s Get Creative!

Play-Dough Faces

WHAT YOU NEED: Play dough face mats (You can draw or print them), play dough (shop bought or homemade)

Help your child manipulate the play-dough to cover the key parts of the printed face whilst naming the parts & the colours. This will develop fine motor skills, language development as you name & recognise the different parts and learn colour words.

Ask questions for example “Where is the mouth? What colour is the mouth? Can you find the red play-dough? Shall we make the mouth shape?”

Let’s Do Some Maths!

Counting Body Parts

Draw or print out pictures of body parts.

Let your child choose a body part picture & help them to count how many parts there are. For example for the ‘eyes’ card say “Let’s count how many eyes there are in the picture – 1, 2 eyes”. Then ask them “How many eyes have you got? “1, 2 eyes”.  Then ask how many eyes has mummy / daddy has got.

Now get number cards and get them to match the body part to the correct number – so for eyes, that would be card number 2. They may already be able to recognise some numbers or you might have to help count until you get the one that matches their body part card!


Try singing and doing the actions to this fun, energetic song!

Have a lovely week and enjoy getting ACTIVE!

S. Donlon