Red (June 15th-19th)


Hello everyone, another week over and hope you’re all keeping well. We are now into out penultimate week and this time it’s GARDENING WEEK! Here are some suggested activities, as always if you’ve any questions, email me

Gardening Week!

We’ve all been outside during the lovely weather, now we would just like to see the children watering flowers, planting seeds and getting dirty in the muck! If you’ve any pictures, please send them to It was lovely to see some of Red helping with baking last week! I planted sunflower seeds a few weeks ago and it’s nearly time to plant them into a flower bed 😀

A nice song to sing with your children!


Seeing as it’s Gardening Week, a lovely book to read is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. If you have it at home, ideal! If not, here is an animated version of it you can watch with your child.

There are lots of resources for this story on Twinkl, counting/sequencing/matching etc. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry!

Remember to keep going over the letters we have learned and introducing your child to new letters, using some strategies – for example making them from play doh, tracing them, colouring them in, using chalk, writing in sand, writing in shaving foam, making them out of sticks and stones or painting them. There are songs on Youtube for each letter that you can play too! Right now, it’s all about making them very familiar with the letter by seeing, hearing and writing it lots.


When reading the Hungry Caterpillar, if you have the book, let your child count the different foods. If you are watching the animation or listening to somebody read it on YouTube, pause it at each food and count them.

For this resource, you’ll need pegs and a hanger. You can order the numbers from 1-5, 1-10 or 1-20 (depending on ability). You can first get your child to put them on in order, then to make it more challenging, mix the numbers up and see if they can put them back in order. Ask them questions, what comes next? This is a great activity for them to recognise their numbers. They’re also using their fine motor skills opening and closing the pegs and placing them on the hanger. You can also use the pegs for letters.


Some hand printing to make caterpillars!!

Have a lovely week and I will be talking to you all 🙂

Siobhán Donlon