Reading Books

You can avail of this free Big Cat Collins ebooks and worksheets

To access free Collins Big Cat ebooks Access 330+ free ebooks from their primary reading programme Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter:


Password: Parents20! and click Login.

The books are colour coded from pink to turquoise with turquoise being the more difficult reading level. Those with reading books, I suggest looking at the pink and red band. The children can use their phonics knowledge to sound out the words and their dolch list for tricky words. All children can listen to the audio books on all colour bands as they really enjoy listening to me read them a story in class!

The orange circle next to the green magnifying glass at the bottoms of the task bar provides a small activity on key story words at the end of each book. The children can match each word to the correct picture by joining the dots. Enjoy!