Hi Rathlin, I hope you are all as happy as the two little guys above. I’m sure you’re all helping out at home and doing what you’re asked.

I’m staying in my house or garden. I’m washing my hands A LOT. When I go for a sort walk, I make sure to stay 2m away from anyone I’m passing by. These things are really important right now and I know you all want to make good choices and do the right thing as well.

I’m getting to grips with this website and I’m going to be posting things n it regularly. I hope to give you a few ideas for things you can do at home.

We now have a class email and for some of the things I will ask you to do, it would be brilliant if you could email me photos and we can try and flood our facebook page with photos of your work.

Our very own class email is : rathlin@stbrigids.net