Practicing and Planning using our skills.

it is good practice to set out your tools and materials using a space that is available. I use my kitchen table !

Good morning all. Lots of new information & guidance coming online setting out what is happening with the Junior Cert this year. This will take some planning and organizing. I have had some good feedback on your skills building game that we are developing. Remember this is using your planning skills as well as marking out, measuring and making. ?. A lot of the materials we can use are the stuff we all would be recycling or up cycling – we can’t just forget about the importance of recycling and reducing waste. EXCELLENT work so far remember you may have to attempt this more than once to get it right and that’s ?✔️ Set yourself a time limit of about 45 minutes for each attempt – that’s a little longer than big lunch!

?. Good luck & enjoy the wet sunshine!, ?? ? ?