Practical Problem Solving & Making A Suitable Solution ?

Good morning all ? remember the practical problem from last week – the water draining out off the tomato pots onto the wooden floor of the greenhouse. We can now get this job finished as the paint on the frames made has dried.

Have ?a look at the photo below – can you say why it was set up and left as it is?

Remember why I used the off cuts and painted over the grass? This is for the same reason that when we paint or varnish in the workshop we use old newspapers and off cuts. It can save time when cleaning up!

This has been a practical problem I wanted to solve without going to any great expense ? It is always a good idea to think about the budget / money you are willing to spend to solve your problem to get a solution. ✔️

With these things in mind you can see I going to use a plastic bin liner to make the base of the tray.

What other hand tools have I set out ?

Well remembered scissors ✂️ And a wall stapler ✔️

Have ? at the photo above and you can see I just set the plastic bin liner over the frame with one edge running along the long edge of the frame, pushed down to let the liner fill the frame before stapling it. ✔️ And trimming off the rest to make a neater finish. ✔️
Above shows a test for fit ✔️
✔️ Job done ✔️

Have a good look at the photo of the finished job above can you point out my 4 “helpers” today?

Good luck with your tasks today & again remember the feedback photos etc. stay in touch and let us know how you are getting on ?. Remember we have to finish off our model house – Dermot Bannon would want to see it complete! ? ?