Monday April 27th Name Challenge.

Welcome back to a new week class yellow. Today i’m going to ask you to get creative with your name. you can use any material you wish. the more creative the better. I will include some examples. some ideas may be… pasta shells, seeds, cereal, tissue, magazine cutouts, pebbles, twigs, have a snoop round the kitchen or garden and see what you come up with. Please send pictures of your wonderful creations.

This is double sided tape for ease of sticking the materials down.

English: Compound words. compound words are 2 words that come together to make a new word like hand + bag = handbag. Have a look at all the new compound words. can you come up with 5 new compound words all by yourself? The following is a link to a compound word game video-

Maths: Counting Money

if you have some spare change around the house you could do the following activity starting with single coins 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1e, 2e. then you could move on to 3c, 4c, 6c and this is where the children have to think. Make sure to go through the coin names with them first. If working with the smaller coins you can use quantities to represent the coin amount especially for adding activities.

180 Best Money Games images in 2020 | Money games, Teaching money ...

SPHE: Other people are Special. the instructions are included in the file download as to what to do and what to talk about. one of the activities you can choose to do is an Acrostic poem. I have included an example of an acrostic poem below using the word teacher.

Acrostic Poem by Teacher Hayley | Teachers Pay Teachers