Monday again

Wow! The weeks are really flying by! Phase 2 of Reopening Ireland starts today. Find out what you can and can’t do during this time. Irish Water has announced a hosepipe ban from tomorrow for six weeks! Better get your parents to fill that pool! This week’s challenge is to get out into the garden and do some potting, planting, pruning or even propagating! Whatever you do make sure you throw up some photos to the class website. Speaking of throwing up, please find this weeks assignments. Take time to read the notes before attempting the work. A big thank you goes out to all who are supporting you with the exercises. Parents/Guardians, please find included a booklet on Well- Being. There are plenty of little exercises for your kids to do but they may need your help in completing some of the tasks.You can dip in and out of it over the next few weeks.

Finally, keep up the reading, whether it’s a book, the Dundalk Leader or the side of the Cornflakes box, it’s all good practice!

Enjoy the good weather

Talk next week

Mr C