May is Mary’s Month

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As May is the month of Mary it is important that we remember her in our Prayers.

you could also remember Our Lady by setting up a May altar in your home. your May altar could include a statue of Our Lady, some flowers, a candle, a prayer, rosary beads and a blue or white cloth to cover the surface.

May Altar at St. Ronan's Primary School. - Newry Cathedral Parish ...

May is a symbol of the first day of Summer.

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Flowers are used on the May altar as May is seen as a month when many of the Summer flowers will bloom. Our gardens and fields are full of flowers. Can you name any flowers? what is your favourite flower? My favourite flower is the sunflower, it makes me feel happy and think of happy things. can you send me an image of your favourite flower?

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We will remember Our lady’s prayer and try to say it each day of May. You could record yourself saying it and sent it to me to post her on the page for your class to see.