May 18th

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your time at home and getting some fresh air every day. Here are some activities to keep you busy this week. The class email address is if you would like to contact me or send some of your photos to me.

English: This week we are reading Big Cat books they can be downloaded free from the link  Group 1 are reading the pink and red books Group 2 are reading green and orange books. These books are free to access and the directions are easy to follow. Click on the link and pick your colour you have two books to read for the week and two activities.

Group 1: Read “Best Bird” Level Red A and “Ben and Bobo “Level Red B. There is an activity for each book.

Group 2: Read “The brave Baby “Level Orange. Click on the activity after the story. You might also like to read the book “The Titanic “which is also in the orange books

Writing: Group 1 Practice writing the lower case letters with a parent and write 5 sentences of News each day

Group 2: Continue to write a few sentences in your diary every day about what you are doing at home. Don’t forget to do some work in your English workbooks.

Maths:  Money

Group 1: This week I would like you to spend time each day sorting coins into 3 different values 1c, 2c and 5c. Put a selection of coins on the table and try to sort them into the 3 values. if you can add in some 10c coins that would be great

Group 2: I would like you to count out different values of money using coins. Ask your parents to write down 5 different values each day and see can you find the coins that make that amount. Here are some examples of values you can count.

12c =10c+2c    48c = 20c=20c+5c+2c+1c

PE: Tune in to Joe Wicks every morning for some fun ways to keep fit.

Science: Listen to the weather forecast every day on TV. Can you find where Co. Louth is and what kind of weather we will have tomorrow? Look and see if there is a picture of the sun or some cloud over us. Look and see if you can spot any blackbirds in your garden. May is the month for Furze growing on the mountains or on the side of the road. See can you spot any near where you live.


Music: Have a listen to this song about the summer and sing along  Can you remember what we like to do in the summer?

Religion: May is the month of Mary. Say the prayer “Hail Mary” each day with a parent.