Maths Scavenger Hunt

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OK class yellow time to get the detective gear out as your going on a maths investigation around your house. Can you do the following…
  • Find a clock in your house and write all the numbers you see on it.
  • find 3 things that have numbers on it in your house.
  • what are the numbers in your fridge used for?
  • find 3 things in the shape of a circle…. triangle….. square and a rectangle.
  • find out what year you were born? learn your date of birth.
  • find something heavier than your shoe.
  • find something lighter than a plate.
  • measure your height.
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  • count your socks in 2’s.
  • find something longer than your hand
  • fins something that is shorter than you.
  • find a number written in word form in your house
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  • find a number on an item of food. -what does it mean?
  • tally the number of people in your house.
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  • what time is it that you are doing your hunt?
  • Apart from a clock what else tells the time?
  • count how many coins mam/dad has in her purse? can you sort them into the same coins?
  • can you time (phone stopwatch) how long it takes you to do 20 jumping Jacks?
  • whose name has the most letters in your family?
  • who is the tallest in your house?
  • Find something that comes in 2’s.

Have fun!