Making our model house.

Have a look in the photo above at the tools and material that I have organized for this task.

Good morning from my kitchen table, hope all well with you guys and you have been active using your different skills. There is lots going on in the world of education at all levels and I hope you can this through the news / online.

The plan for today is to spend about 45 minutes drawing ? ? ✏️ and cutting out ✂️ different shapes using our recyclable cereal boxes. ?

Step 1. Measure and mark out the first side we are going to use for our model house – 100 x 200 mm.

you need to repeat this for the opposite side. The fold line will help when we here sticking it together ✔️

Step 2 measure and cut out the base of the house 100 x 200 mm. To help with the sticking / gluing used 10 mm fold lines as shown this makes the overall cut out 120 x 200 ?

Excellent work so far. You maybe able to make your model bigger or smaller depending on the amount of card you have ?

Step 3. We now need to make the two end sides ??✂️. Can you work out the ? sizes? Hint the walls have to fit together ?. Look ? closely at the photo above if you need to check your the answers. Name the tool I have placed in this photo.

Step 4 now you should have the base along with 4 outer walls made, take care gluing / masking tape them together- remember what I might say in class “not too much glue!”

Excellent work can you design and make the roof to fit on top to finish the basic shape? I want you to think what is now needed on the model. Good luck.