Making a 10 cm = 100mm cube

With our tools and material organized we are ready to make a cube.

Remember from class 1 cm = 10 mm – about the size of your little finger nail .


Step 1 : Use your pencil and ruler to draw out neatly a 10 cm square.

Step 2 : Use the scissors to neatly cut out this square.

Step 3: Use the square to trace out the other 5 squares required to make the cube.

Step 4 : With the squares all neatly cut out, we are ready to use a little glue and the masking tape to make the cube. Use coloring pencils to color in each side a different color, if you like.

Step 5 : With the cube assembled, our task has been successfully completed. Very well done – Stand up, sit down twice and give yourself 3 pats on the pack!!!