Making a 10 cm = 100 mm Cube. Skills Activity

Remember these skills that we have be developing in class:-

Measuring, Marking out and neatly cutting out of different shapes.

Method 2

Step 1 :- Neatly mark out all 6 sides needed for the cube as shown in the photo below.

Step 2:- Using the scissors neatly cut out this shape so that all the sides are attached.

Step 3:- Now carefully fold along each joining line so that the cube is formed. You are now ready to glue / masking tape the sides together and make the cube.

✔️ Very well done, you now have two 10 cm cubes made ✔️

Step 4:- Well done, now, stand up, sit down twice, swap places with someone and use your right hand to give yourself 3 pats on the back!!! ???

Keep safe and don’t eat too much chocolate!!