Let’s Go Rathlin!

What a beautiful day everyone. I hope you can go out into your garden and enjoy it. In addition, I’d you can do some of the following:

Maths – Remember we were working on maps and spatial awareness. I hope that you can put some of the skills we practised into place and draw a map of your house. Include all the rooms downstairs and if you live in a two storey house, I’d love to see a second map with it. It should look something like the map below. Include colour:-) Please email me a photo of your work so we can post some on our school facebook page. Our class email for you to use is rathlin@stbrigids.net

Lego – I’m sure most of you have lots of lego bricks at home. For this challenge I’d like you to build your dream home. When you have built your dream lego house, please take a photo and email to rathlin@stbrigids.net Some images below for inspiration.