Keep fit!

Class yellow I hope you are not getting lazy like your teacher. So here are a few exercise activities you can do over the next few weeks. you can pick and choose what ones you would like to do daily, or if you’re really fit maybe twice daily.

  • you can continue to learn our dance for Music Mary using the following link. I think your parents/guardians will be very impressed when they see you do it.
  • i think most of the country are doing this one already with the body coach. make sure to have your bottle of water.
  • the following link is to jumpstart jonny. jonny’s lessons are very energetic and enjoyable. He has a range of free activities including warm ups, mindfulness exercises and cool downs. check him out and enjoy.
  • another activity we do in class is found on rté junior and its the 10@10.
  • if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing then cosmic kids yoga have many different themed videos on youtube. there is a lovely frozen themed video for the girls in the class.
  • the learning station have lots of lovely fun dances on youtube such as “ram sam sam” “go bananas” ” hokey pokey” and “boom chicka boom”