June 15th

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your time at home and getting some fresh air every day. Here are some activities to keep you busy this week. Thank you to all the parents who have emailed me some great photos. The class email address is green@stbrigids.net if you would like to contact me or send some of your photos to me.

Gardening Week

This week we are working in the garden. You can take a photo of your gardening and send it to me at green@stbrigids.net  

Gardening Jobs

Planting , digging , sweeping , raking , tidying . Have fun


This week we are reading Big Cat books they can be downloaded free from the link https://collins.co.uk/pages/big-cat-ebooks  Group 1 are reading the  Yellow books, Group 2 are reading Turquoise  and purple  books. These books are free to access, and the directions are easy to follow. Click on the link and pick your colour you have two books to read for the week and two activities.

Group 1: Read “Around the world”Yellow level and “Bob’s secret hideaway” yellow level. There is an activity for each book.

Group 2: Read “What’s that building” Level Turquoise Can you remember all the different buildings in the book? Maybe you could draw a picture of some of the buildings

Read “A visit to the farm” level Turquoise. Some children could try reading some books from Level purple.

Writing: Group 1: Practice writing your name and address this week. Continue to practice writing the lower-case letters.

Group 2: Write 5 sentences in your diary each day about what you are doing at home. Learn your spellings from your spelling workbooks and do the activities each day. Ask a parent to give you a spelling test on Friday.

Storytime Follow this link to listen to a great story about a crazy dragon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s7aSNUCkiM

Maths: Let’s Sequence!

This week we are going to do some sequencing of shapes and numbers

Group 2 Follow this link to practice sequencing numbers.


Group 1: Follow this link to sequence shapes



Look at the buildings near your home . See what they are made of. Look at the materials that are used in the buildings .Read the book on buildings from the Turquoise level or ask a parent to read it for you .


Practice saying the “Our Father ” and “The Hail Mary ”

SPHE : This week we are going to talk about friendships.

Dear Parents/Guardians,
The aim of this lesson is to provide the children with opportunities to explore what happens
when friends fall out. Friends play a significant role in the lives of children. As children interact with friends and share their experiences, their understanding of the world expands beyond
that based on their own experiences. Through the feedback they receive from others children
learn to see themselves as others do. Providing children with opportunities to help them understand the nature of friendship in their lives helps them to relate better to each other and lays
the foundation for understanding the nature of the peer group as they grow older.
The following are suggested activities which you might like to undertake at home with your
▲ Ask your child to think about a good friend or friends:
When did you first meet? What do you remember about the first time you met
each other?
How did you make friends? Who said hello first? What did you talk about?
What did you do?
What did you like about your friend that first time? Why do you think you
became friends?
What kinds of things do you like doing together?
Can you remember the funniest/the kindest/the most surprising thing your
friend ever did?
Did you ever have any adventures together?
▲ Your child may be willing to talk about an argument s/he had, or is having, with
his/her friend:
Are you having an argument with someone today or have you had one recently?
How did the argument start?
How did you feel when you were arguing?
How do you think your friend is feeling?
Can you think of a way you could be friends again? What would stop you from
making friends?
Why not decide to make friends again very soon? What will you do?