It’s Story Time

?On the following link the children will get the opportunity to create a story about themselves. The children will get creative and come up with various words which the site will edit into a story about the children. Parents can read the story aloud, with expression, to the children. Have fun. My story was very funny.

? I would like you to choose your favourite teddy, figurine or toy and take pictures of it in different places around your home or garden. write or type a little sentence about what they are getting up to.

This is Pingu. This teddy belongs to my dog Sandy. He doesn’t like to go to bed without it. He loves him.

In the following link you must study the pictures and order them using numbers as they would occur. So put number 1 beside the picture that comes first. number 2 beside the picture that comes second. If you don’t have a printer this can be done orally.

Have fun class yellow. Thinking of you all. Stay safe!