Inisturk Work, 20th – 24th April

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MathsCalculating Percentages 
Money Problems 
Time Problems
Money – counting in units of 5
Time – reading digital time 
CommunicationHoles Novel read chapters 40 – 44 Read chapter summaries on Seesaw
VIP – select 1 of the chapters and draw an illustration and write about the Very Important Part of that chapter 
VIP: Home Schooling Article
Dolch List 
Record yourself reading a page of Holes and post it Respond to questions posted on Easter holidays and activity log, video yourself and post your responses
Name the main idea – look at the picture clues and name the main idea
Proof-read and find the 10 punctuation errors on the text – “Going for a job interview”
Comprehension Activities – Career Preparation & TV Schedule 
Computer LiteracyComputer Literacy Typing
Personal EffectivenessMy Responsibilities – at home, at school, to myself
Think Positive -positive statements
Lego Landmarks – try to build one of these historic landmarks
Career PreparationComprehension Activity
WalkPeer Padlet 
ReligionFamily Prayer – The Rosary
Learn Glory Be to the Father 
GAISCE Gaisce at Home
Gaisce Reflection  
Creative SchoolsSchool Creative Challenge