Inisturk Activities, 2nd – 5th June

All work can be accessed on SEESAW

MathsMoney Word Problems
Time Word Problems 
Counting in units of 5 and 10 
Money and Time 
Sudoku Puzzles 
Drawing to Scale – Continued  
CommunicationsAnalysing Advertisements Part 2
Community Signs
Writing Instructions – Hot Chocolate
Oral Communication – Class Zoom Meeting
Comprehension – Cloze Passage- Farm Safety
Comprehension – Careers – Nursing
Letter writing- to a healthcare worker
Recount Writing – the weekend
VIP Comprehension – National Milk Day  
Computer LiteracyComputer Software & computer hardware 
Labelling Classroom Computer 
Dance Mat Typing 
Personal Effectiveness & SPHENeeds and Wants Activity
Practicing Gratitude
Time capsule – Covid 19
Fun Friday – jokes & Crack the code
Fun Friday – Spot the difference
Feelings Checkup
Career PreparationWhat it takes to be a nurse
My Skills
Job V Career 
My CV Revised 
GAISCEGo Noodle sessions 
Gaisce at Home
Gaisce Reflection

Body Percussion