Inisturk Activities: 25th – 29th May 2020

All work can be accessed on Seesaw

MathsMoney and time word problems
Drawing to scale 
Addition ad subtraction 
Combining units of 5 and 10 
Multiplication Tables Revised  
CommunicationsProof read text and punctuate
Writing instructions
Virtual Tour – Washington
Comprehension text – The White House
Writing a postcard
Recount Writing Task
Say something about your book
Analysing Advertisements
Friends Poem Comprehension 
Comprehension OS Map 
Reading – News article  
Computer LiteracyComputer Malware and Viruses 
Computer Health and Safety
Dance Mat Typing 
Personal Effectiveness/SPHE Getting to know you 
Daily reflection
Friday self – evaluation Task
What is mindfulness 
Mindfulness challenge 
Career PreparationWalkPeer 
Reading newspaper advertisement 
Job v Career Revised 
ReligionPray the Rosary
Make a May altar
GAISCEGo Noodle sessions
Gaisce at Home 
Gaisce Reflection 
Body Percussion
Creative SchoolsPaint a Rock competition – The Primary Planet